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City Patrol

The motto of City Patrol force is triple ‘’S’’ — Safety, Security and Service. its functions include first responders to all calls, hot pursuit of the troublemakers, prevention of street crimes, surveillance of anti-social elements, door knocking of persons released from jails and proclaimed offenders, snap checking, information gathering, public facilitation and help, responding to 15 calls and SOS alerts and coordination with emergency services.
Its area of responsibility will be Peshawar city and Peshawar Cantonment which is divided into 20 beats. The 160 city patrol officers will work in two shifts of eight hours each.
The force has been provided 22 vehicles equipped with all modern gadgets and facilities including video cameras, wireless system and computers. In every vehicle four cops including a sub-inspector, two Elite Force personnel and a driver will perform duty.
A proper monitoring mechanism has also been worked out for the force and for this purpose a command desk has been established in the Peshawar Command and Control Centre in Police Station East Cantonment where the activities of each vehicle and staff are recorded. Its beat patrol log, snap checking and communication are also being recorded.
A special SIM has been installed in every vehicle which will help in showing its duty position. No vehicle will manage to go out of its jurisdiction.
The City Patrol Force vehicles also have the facilities of identity verification system (IVS), Vehicle Verification System (VVS), Criminal Record Verification (CRV), incident tagging, surveillance of persons released from jail, Tenants Information System (TIS) and traffic updates.