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Services Offered

SNO Services / Tasks
1 Theft Reporting
2 Lost items reporting Extortion reporting
3 Child lost and found
4 TIF Form and Rental Agreement Reporting
5 Police Security Clearance Certificate
6 Police Character Certificate
7 CNIC Verification
8 Women counter
9 CNIC Verification
10 Legal Advice
11 Traffic Licence and Excise Document Attestation

For all the above mentioned services separate desks are established in the facility and the general public is appreciating the atmosphere and behavior of the staff deputed in these PALs.

These PALs work seven days a week in two shifts of 8 hours each from 7am to 11 pm. Special emphasis is laid upon the delivery of documents etc., within the promised timelines. People can get their CNIC verification and vehicle verification certificates will be issued on spot by the concerned desk in-charge.