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Police Access Service

The Police Access Service (PAS), one ofthe many public service initiatives undertaken by KP Police during the current year has been launched with the objective of providing a mechanism for prompt redressal of public complaints by ensuring access & respect for all segments of society. With the launching of Police Access Service, citizens from across the province can now access the police through just a SMS and the concerned police officers will contact the complainant within 24 hours.

KP Police is devoted to providing equal access and respectto all citizens ofthe province. Police Access Service is aimed at winning over public trust and satisfaction through prompt and timely redressal of public complaints by incorporating automated technology solutions for enhanced police accessibility, accelerated processes and continuous monitoring.

Owing to the human discretion, un-necessary file and inordinate delays, the erstwhile manual system of complaint redressal had lost its efficacy to resolve the issues of the public. This failure of manual complaint management was in turn undermining the cause of justice and public service. In addition to incurring irreparable human & material losses, the ongoing wave of militancy also resulted in militarization of police thinking and the fortification of police establishments at the cost of conventional policing function thereby making the police officers inaccessible to the common man. All this necessitated the needfor having a system which provides an easy andinstantaneous access to all segments.

The citizens can now send their complaints to the Police Access Service through SMS on 8855 and 03159007777.In addition to the SMS service,the citizens can also record their complaintsby calling on the toll free helpline 0800-00400, by fax on 091-9223575, by email on pas.kppolice@gmail.com, by visiting the police website www.kppolice.gov.pk orby visiting the Police Access Service Center in the Central Police Office.Under the new system, every complaint will be registered in the automated database of PAS and the complainant will be intimated about the complaint code assigned to his/her complaint through a system generated SMS. Likewise, every time a complaint is registered with PAS, the system will immediately intimate the concerned SDPO & DPO through SMS and the concerned SDPO will be bound to contact the complainant within 24 hours under intimation to the PAS system. The newly established Police Access System is equipped with a computer based timeline monitoring system that will ensure that the complaints are redressed within the given timelines.

The Police Access Service has ushered in a newera of public service and will go a long way in improving police perception. The project is a practical manifestation of the Provincial government’s vision for improved service delivery and provides equal access & respect to all irrespective of their social status, an access which is easy, immediate and direct. With each complaint being saved in the database and assigned a unique complaint code, no complaint can be overlooked orignored and a complaint will remain traceable till its disposal. The automated SMS reply that will be sent to a complainant soon afterthe registration ofhis/her complaintis a confidence inspiring gesture that will assure the aggrieved individual that his government stands by his side and is fully cognizant of his grievances. Likewise, the automated SMS complaint alert to SDPOs & DPOs and the computerized monitoring mechanism will ensure timely action and redressal of public issues. Gone are the days when a complainant had to wait for the policeofficers to get his issues resolved as under the new system the concerned SDPO will be bound to contact the complainant within 24 hours, invite the complainant to his office and intimate the Police Access Service system about his contact with the complainant. Lastly,the system also features anin-built analysis of complaints statistics thereby enabling the Central Police Office and the Inspector General Police to analyze the performance of the field officers.