SOS Call Service

Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Police has recently launched an android-based mobile application called One-Click SOS System for reporting any suspicious or terror activities across all districts of the province. The application can be used to report such incidents on the spot with a single click from the vicinity of educational institutions, business hubs and residential areas. With the help of Global Positioning System embedded in the android mobile device, the data and location shall be transmitted to the local police control room and field officers of the area who shall be dispatched as soon as possible to contain the prevailing situation. Along with the system, dedicated security cameras have also been placed in certain selected places such as banks and National Database and Registration Authority offices for security purposes.
The idea of such a software system came in light of rampant terror activities that engulfed the region since the inception of war on terror. Whether it were the dastardly attacks on the Army Public School, Peshawar, and Bacha Khan University, Charsadda, or suicide bombings in various parts of the province, security of the KPK has been in need of overhauling, highlighting the need to have quick response units. Inspector-General KPK Police Nasir Khan Durrani’s move to introduce the One-Click SOS System is an appreciable step, as it shall potentially help reduce the menace of terrorism in an efficiently swift manner. Response time to an act of terrorism is of utmost importance to minimise loss of life and property, as well as reacting to perpetrators.
However, as pointed out by some members of the business community the alert system should not only be confined to reporting terrorism but also target killings and extortion. Such crimes have been on the rise for years evoking a sense of insecurity in businessmen and their families. Lack of ample employment opportunities and economic instability has forced a number of people people to indulge in criminal and terror activities. Financial gain is one of the core objectives of such people who believe that it could help them or their families to have a better future without realising that their acts are jeapordising the stability of society in the short and long run.

Furthermore, the need to call military troops to contain any untoward incident must also be reduced, and the police must be empowered to deal on its own through special training techniques and better firearms, similar to the SWAT force in the United States.
The One-Click SOS System must be expanded to other provinces as terrorism and criminal activities are not restricted to one city or province. It must be remembered that no security system would ever truly be effective unless there is sincere and honest input from both law-enforcement agencies and civil society. Pakistan has suffered on multiple levels due to acts of terrorism, and not much would change unless there is unity of stance on elimination of terrorism. And for that to happen, all of Pakistan must stand as one, and work with one another to ensure individual and collective security of all Pakistanis. *